Traditional Learning Theory

Rewrite and Rearranged by : Reza Ervani

For Learning Theory understanding purpose, I decide to rewrite some basic learning theory in this blog regularly, and do some re-arrangement to make it easier to understand

We’ll start with Traditional Learning Theory :

Two major theorertical approaches have been proposed to explain the nature of the learning process :

  1. Stimulus-Response (S-R) Approach
  2. Cognitive Approaches

Learning, according to the cognitive approach, involves the recognition of when important events, such as rewards and punishment, are likely to occur and the understanding of how to attain reward and avoid punishment.

Learning, according to S-R approach, consist of an originally neutral enviromental stimulus developing the ability to elicit a specific response through association with a stimulus that innately elicits the response.

However, it is likely that both mechanistic and cognitive process influence our behaviour.

Next, We’ll try to describe the S-R theories

See you ..


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