A Little Bit about “Learning Psychology”

By : Reza Ervani

Between all psychology area, for me, the most “reasonable” domain is learning psychology.

For my self memorizing purpose, I rewrite the definition of Learning from “Learning Psychology”, Stephen B. Klain, 1996 :

Learning can be defined as an experiential process resulting in a relativity permanent change in behaviour that cannot be explained by temporary states, maturation, or innate response tendencies.

Then, Klain said,

This definition of learning has three important component

First, learning reflects a change in the potential for a behaviour

Perhaps, that we call – as a muslim – as “akhlaqul karimah”

Second, changes in behaviour due to learning are relatively permanent. As a result of new experiences, previously learned behaviour is no longer exhibited.

So, learning need time …, like Klain said in the next paragraph :

Further, there are times when we forget a previously learned behaviour and therefore are no longer able to exhibit that behaviour. Forgetting the story line of a movie is one example of the transient aspect of learning.


Third, changes in behaviour can be due to processes other than learning. Our behaviour can change as the result of motivation rather than learning.

All of the definition gave by Klain, emphasize to “behaviour change”. We often forget this point of definition. We usually assume that learning is only about “know or do not know”.

Perhaps, our misconception of learning is one of the main cause for our education system failure.

Allahu ‘Alam


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