Matt’s Fault

Hari ini ketika membuka server, muncul sebuah pesan kesalahan. Kesalahan itu disebut Matt’s Fault (Kesalahannya Matt).

Apakah ini sebuah istilah teknis komputasi …

No, no, no … Jangan dulu berfikir terlalu tinggi.

Matt’s Fault adalah istilah yang digunakan dalam Bahasa Inggris untuk menyebut sasaran “Kambing Hitam” jika kesalahan atau kekeliruan muncul dan sulit dijelaskan alasannya.

Jadi jika anda mengalami masalah, Salahkan Matt dengan berkata,”Everything is Matt’s Fault …”

Ah, kasihan Matt ….

Berikut ini beberapa slang lain yang biasa digunakan dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Penulis ambil dari

Advanced Ostertag Syndrome 1. (n.) – Tom slang a medical condition involving becoming infatuated with a character in a movie or novel. See also “Ostertag Syndrome”

Air Brake 1. (n.) – KT slang the invisible pedal on the passenger side of the car, often stomped when riding with bad drivers.

“And there was much rejoicing…” 1. (phrase) – Monty Python phrase used to express enthusiasm. usually accompanied by flag waving gestures and the phrase “Yay!”.

“As far as you can tell…” 1. (phrase) Kurgan slang usually sung …there are no traps. A gaming phrase, used to decribe the state of uncertainty in any action. “I check around for traps.” GM rolls some dice. “As far as you can tell…”

Beans, Beanies 1. (n.) – derived from Cool Beans good, great, something that is interesting, pleasing or otherwise impressive. “I got an A on my chem-final.” “Beans!” 2. (n.) – a small stuffed animal, made by Ty.

“Becawse de fut es a phalik symbal” 1. (phrase) – done in bad Greek accent transl. “Because the foot is a phallic symbol” used to describe anyone who is overly concerned with sex symbols in literature.

Beep – 1. (n.) computer noise, usually for no obvious reason. 2 (v.) the act of sending a phone message, frequently used as a wake up call.

Bidgie 1. (n.) – a hair-band, usually small and undecorated, worn by men with long hair to hold back their pony-tails. See also “Scrunchie”. 2. (n.) – a pimple or zit. 3. (n.) – a small furry animal with undefined characteristics, like a Tribble.

Big Nasty Yellow Thing 1. Greg slang (n.) the sun. It goes up and down. The passing of day. Used primarily in Vampire games. The big nasty yellow thing comes up, the big nasty yellow thing goes down.

Big, Scary Muppet 1. Richard slang (n.) – a description of Matt Brooks.

Bizarre – 1. Chris slang (phrase) – Is it bizarre, Chris?

Book Bite 1. (n.) – a medical condition, symptoms include staying up too late, ignoring one’s significant other, being snappish and using the phrase “just one more chapter”.

Botch 1. (n.) – an attempt that fails in some catastrophic way. 2. (n.) – a roll of ones.

Butterfly Pill 1. KT slang (n.) – a pain pill. Orig: the sample doctor packages had a butterfly on them

“Can We Go Back to Alanis, n’shava?” 1. KT and Liz slang (phrase) …where people are sensible.

Catch-me-Fuck-Me 1. (adj.) – used to describe any slutty, revealing, or otherwise sexy clothing. orig. – a spandex black tank-dress with a zipper up the front.

Check 1. Carl slang (adv.) yes. I understand. Okay. 2. Colleen slang (phrase) – a word not allowed to be used more than once per half hour of conversation.

Chunky Salsa Carpet 1 (adj.) – any movie with an excessive amount of violence and bullets. See also “Pepperoni Pizza Wallpaper”.

Client 1 (n.) Tech Support slang – any computer user with a stupid issue. example: “How do I turn on my printer?” See also Issue.

Confusion Corner 1. (n.) Williamsburg slang the intersection of Jamestown Road, Richmond Road, and Boundary Street, and the head of DOG Street. Traffic negotiates here through a series of conflicting Yield and Stop signs. Especially bad for Tourons.

Conversation Number Four 1. (n.) – Liz slang the inevitable “what do you want to do?” “Whatever you want to do.” conversation. 2. (n.) – Any tedious, often repeated conversation. orig: conversations between Liz and Kurgan were numbered, as to avoid repeating them frequently.

Crit 1. (n.) – a critical hit, usually against a bad guy. Does double or better normal damage. 2. (n.) – any very successful action.

Cube, The 1. (n.) – the Comic Cubical, a local comic book shop.

Dew Henge 1. (n.) – Jeff slang any large stash of Moutain Dew soda, esp if stacked.

Dog Street 1. (n.) – Williamsburg slang Duke Of Glouchester street, the main track running from the Wren Chapel all the way to the Govenor’s mansion in Colonial Williamsburg. Off limits to vehicular traffic. Usually cluttered with Tourons.

Door 1. (n.) – KT slang any innocuous item which causes more trouble than it seems. esp. when injuring a party member when trying to get around the obstacle

Drinkee! 1. (n.) – Matt slang an especially potent alcoholic drink.

Drops a Hat 1. (phrase) to prepare to Hall. Origen: They’ll hall at the drop of a hat. See also, Hall

Ear Probe 1. (n.) – Matt slang a mechanical eraser.

Ego-with-…. 1. (n.) – Matt slang a reference to any vain or egotistical individual, followed by a descriptive phrase of that individual. John is the ego-with-hair, as oppsed to Patrick who is the ego-with-beard.

Everything is Matt’s Fault 1. (phrase) Well, it is, isn’t it? Don’t worry. See also Jeff will Apologize.

Face-type 1. (n.) – any attractive or manipulative person who takes on the speaking role for a group. 2. (n.) – Heroes Unlimited slang any bad guy type who will not die, or repeatedly returns from the dead.

Fluffy Girl Drinks 1. (n.) – Richard slang any alcoholic beverage made with ice, cordials, or containing an umbrella or drink sword.

Fruitcake 1. (n.) – a good thing to build castle walls out of.

Fuck you, Clown 1. (phrase) – Rob slang punchline to a very long, bad joke. Used to refer to a lame comeback. Sometimes used as a lame comeback.

Hall 1. (n.) an online RPG, taking place Monday nights 2. (v.) playing one’s character on the Hall. usage: “Don’t bother me, I’m Halling.” “Are you going to Hall tonight?”

Harr Harr 1. (phrase) Matt slang – any mock-viscious attack, in which case the victim is both unhurt and unimpressed.

Heat-seeking Lasers 1. (n.) KT slang – any stupid idea, usually in gaming. often accompanied by phrases such as “Ooooh, look, I’m a heat-source. BANG!”

Hit it with the Rock! 1. (phrase) 7th Sea Slang – to attack a bad guy.

I could eat 1. (phrase) – Kevin slang an indication that food sources are very low. An individual who “could eat” is usually dangerous. See also “Keep hands and feet away from food intake orifice”.

“I have feet” 1. (phrase) – Colleen slang an indication of inebriation, usually with the inebriated individual lifting the feet to show them off. Often results in falling down.

“I guess you left your blank in your other blank 1. (phrase) – Matt slang Used to refer to information in a game that a character has no way of knowing, especially in terms of technical advancements. Example: “How old is this goblet?” “I don’t know Braz, I guess you left your carbon dating machine in your other kilt!”

Issues 1. (n.) – Gateway slang a very stupid computer problem. Solutions to issues involve plugging in keyboards, turning on the power, unplugging the surge supressor from itself, and other simple solves. See also Clients. 2. (n.) – Liz and KT slang any past event which adversely affects an individual’s ability to cope with a current crises. Example: Because of being stood up for a date once, Jack has issues with being on time.

It’s a cereal joke 1. (phrase) – Braz slang punchline to a very very very long bad joke. Often used to refer to long, bad jokes.

It’s Colleen 1. (phrase) – used to explain any peculiar and inexplicable actions by Colleen.

Jeff will apologize 1. (phrase) – even when it’s all Matt’s fault.

Jeremy Point 1. (n.) – managing to say goodbye to Jeremy before he leaves the chat channel will earn you one.

“Leftovers, what’re those?” 1. (phrase) – Braz slang an indication that there was not enough food provided.

Keep hands and feet away from food intake orifice 1. (phrase) – Braz slang a warning, noting that an individual is excessively hungry and may not notice that they are injesting non-food objects, such as napkins, forks, human body parts, and small fuzzy mammals.

Kids 1. (n.) not yet, no. 2. (n.) Hall patrons who are younger than the norm, usually 17 to about 23 years, and not possessing massive super powers. See also Semi-demi-godly

Like women! 1. (phrase) – an order to retreat. orig: They ran screaming into the hills like women.

Major Healing Talisman 1. (n.) – a large cat, used to give “healing” to anyone who was depressed, moody, cross, or otherwise not enjoying the moment. See Minor Healing Talisman.

Make with the clicky 1. (imperitive) Matt slang – to click on a link and read a web page.

Malkavian Prank #62 1. (phrase) – throw bleach on Goths.

Minor Healing Talisman 1. (n.) – a small cat, used to give “healing” to anyone who was depressed, moody, cross, or otherwise not enjoying the moment. Esp. in cases of a botch. See Major healing Talisman and Botch.

Mongolian Death Virus 1. (n.) – William and Mary slang any of a variety of nasty illnesses which are highly contagious and result in missed classes or work.

Moose Bites can be pretty nasti 1. (phrase) – Monthy Python Phrase any small bit of useless trivia. 2. (phrase) – a reoccuring, add-on joke, where each person is required to quote a different part of the joke, not necessarily in order. The person responsible for writing this entry has been sacked. A moose once bit my sister. The person responsible for sacking the person who wrote this entry has been sacked.

Moose Lips 1. (phrase) – Kevin slang Brontosauruses had them.

Mooselookmeguntick 1. (n.) – Kevin slang punchline to a very long, bad joke. Often repeated when there is nothing else to say in a conversation. See also “Fuck you Clown” and “It’s a cereal joke”.

Mundanes 1. (n.) – usually derogatory people who are not interested in science fiction, fantasy or role-playing. Especially these people who do not understand that other people have those interests. “My mom thinks D&D is satanic. She’s so mundane.” See also Normals

Need the Wood 1. (phrase) Matt and KT slang Get off the cross, you martyr. We need the wood.

Neothing 1. (n.) Matt slang – anything having to do with or related to Neopets and therefore of limited use and importance.

Nicky the Chimp 1. (n.) – Colleen slang any male with premature ejaculation problems or otherwise an unfulfilling sexual partner. Used primarily by women. Orig: Nicky the Chimp was an anthropology film in which Nicky mates. And it’s over.

Normals 1. (n.) – usually derogatory people who are not interested in science fiction, fantasy or role-playing. “I’m going to Dominate the woman and drink three points.” “Be quiet, you’re scaring the normals.” See also Mundanes

Op 1. (n.) – a channel operator. 2. (v.) the act of making someone a channel operator. See also opless.

Opless 1. (adj) – a channel without a channel operator.

Ostertag Syndrome 1. (n.) – Tom slang medical condition involving being infatuated with an actor or actress. See also “Advanced Ostertag syndrome”.

Peer 1. (v.) KT and Liz slang What are you doing over there?

Penguin 1. (n.) – No thanks, I already have one.

Pepperoni Pizza Wallpaper 1. (adj.) – any movie with a high body count, usually involving massive amounts of bullets. See also “Chunky Salsa Carpet”.

Pop 1. (v.) goes the weasel.

Pudgem fudgem kittum 1. (n.) – a chocolate Garfield, usually found in stores around Easter. Not to be confused with “Pudgem fuzzem kittum”.

Pudgem fuzzem kittum 1. (n.) – a particularly large or overweight cat. used affectionately. Not to be confused with “Pudgem fudgem kittum”.

‘rents 1. (n.) – William and Mary college slang parents. also, ‘rental units

Rule 17 1. (phrase) Jeff slang – the inevitable circumstances occuring when someone should have seen a movie, read a book, heard a song or otherwise have been exposed to a piece of media in order for a joke to be funny. Those circumstances being, they haven’t.

Rule 47 1. (phrase) – Colleen slang Everything is Matt’s fault. An explanation for any annoying circumstance, event, or occurance which cannot be conveniently blamed on anything else.

Run Away! 1. (phrase) – Monthy Python phrase order to retreat, usually in a panicked voice.

Schlork – 1 (adj) – the sound of removing one’s tentacle from someone else’s brain. See also Tentacle.

Scrunchie 1. (n.) – a large hair band, usually used by women with long hair to hold back their ponytails. Much more ornamental than a Bidgie.

Scum, the 1> (n.) Matt slang – a group of Hall characters who do not actually patronize the Hall because, well, they’re scum.

See this Box? 1. (phrase) Matt slang It’s a very cool, interesting box. And what is inside it is even cooler, but I’m not going to show it to you.

Semi-demi-godly 1. (n.) the “adult” Hall Patrons who are generally considered beyond the pale. “A few dozen demons? Pah!” See also Kids and Scum.

Singe me 1. (phrase) – Black Company phrase Used to indicate awareness of lack of enthusiasm. full phrase – Singe me to a crisp in the fire of your enthusiasm

Skateboard 1. (n.) – Rob slang a way of changing the topic of conversation. Often embelished. “Can I tell you about my colon test?” “Did I tell you I had a new skateboard? With red and blue wheels?” More recent skateboards have been seen with warp nacelles and an invisible dwarf with the Hope Diamond on them.

Snark 1. (adj) – to make commentary, usually derogatory. 2. (v.) the act of making derogatory commentary.

Sneaky Hidey Shit 1. (n.) any action by a player which involves the split up of the party. Usually the thief. Which usually results in a roomful of bored players while the GM and thief work out the details. Also used to refer to decking or astral travel in Shadowrun.

Snert 1. (v.) a noise made to indicate amusement

Star Dot 1. (n.) a generic anything. *. soda *.coldpill *.cuteguy

Stick Brigade 1. (n.) – Any person who has adopted a polytheistic relgion temporarily or as a “rebellion” decision. These individuals frequently wear obvious symbols of their new religion in such a way as to make them ridiculous.

Stupid, stupid… 1. (adj.) – Bone slang filled in with whatever annoying thing. orig: Stupid, stupid rat creatures.

Sword of Logic, The 1. (n.) – usually used to impale oneself on the sudden realization of a speaker that they have said something incredibly stupid, as way of apology. Pardon me, I’m going to impale myself on the sword of logic now. usually accompanied by appropriate gestures.

TLS 1. (acronym) – Typical Local Service. The state of receiving bad service from fast food stores, grocery stores, and banks.

Tacktacktack 1. (v.) KT slang – the act of stabbing, or wanting to stab several pointy things into someone or something as an expression of extreme aggravation. Voodoo dolls come to mind.

Tentacle 1. (n.) – the invisible brain probe which allows you to say exactly the same thing as your friend at the same time. See also shlork.

Terlink 1. (n.) – a cat named Sterling. 2. (n.) an explanation of why ones typing has suddenly become weird, the act of a cat stepping on the keyboard.

Tomato Surprise 1. (n.) – Carpenter family slang a food item, usually not containing tomatoes, which does not have a proper name or is a surprise. esp. Donley’s Ice Cream flavor of the day on Wednesday or Saturday.

Tourons 1. (n.) – Williamsburg area slang Tourist moron. Any non-local person who needs constant directions. Tendancy to ask idiotic questions, esp. of first-person reenactors.

Troublemaker 1 (n.) Kris slang a piece of food which will almost certainly cause difficulties in the near future and so must be stolen, eaten and subdued before this can occur. usage: “Hey, that was my pepperoni!” “Yes, but it was a Troublemaker.”

Twenty-five cent tour 1. (n.) – the same as the nickle tour, only with inflation. 2. (n.) – the act of driving very slowly through some colonial area in order to see the sights, rather than finding a parking space, usually to the extreme irritation of locals. See also “Tourons”.

Vowel Movement 1. (n.) Matt slang any long string of polysyllabic words spoken with a heavy accent, usually Scottish. “A ‘ega’y ‘indin’ ‘contra'” transl. “A legally binding contract”.

When We Last Left Our (not so) Intrepid Heroes 1. (phrase) – KT Slang the start to any gaming session.

Wolfing out 1. (v.) – the act of becoming a Crinos form werewolf. 2. (v.) – losing ones temper in an exceedingly irrational manner, usually over something stupid.

Xatnup! 1. (n.) – an exclamation after an individual has made a very bad pun. orig: puntax backwards

“You don’t know, do you?” 1. (phrase) – KT slang usually accompanied with gestures as though pointing to the words on a blackboard – the answer to any question in which you have no way to discover the answer, usually in reference to a gaming question. “What are the bad guys planning?” “You don’t know, do you?”

Zot them all dead with lightning 1. (phrase) – good advice for young gods regarding disobedient followers.


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  2. He he, kebetulan sama dengan “tukang ngelahirin” wordpress itu ya Mas …, cuman dia mah bekennya dipanggil Mullenweg, bukan Matt …

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